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Tenerife, May 21, 2021 – Fundación CLC World once again sponsored the Mercedes-Benz Golf Tournament for the benefit of Nuevo Futuro Tenerife.

Fans of the sport gathered on May 1 with the aim of raising funds for the different projects carried out by the Nuevo Futuro Tenerife Association. Thanks to the help of charitable organisations such as Fundación CLC World, this group manages to make its objectives of care, education and intervention for children and young people come true.

Nuevo Futuro manages a large number of emancipation homes for ex-ward youth and foster homes for mothers in social emergency. It is committed to addressing the social difficulties of our community, and works to promote effective measures to improve their quality of life of its users.

Similarly, Nuevo Futuro Tenerife helps solve the problems of families and people in social exclusion or vulnerability who need a specific economic contribution to meet their basic consumption needs and current expenses. The support allows its users to improve their economic and social situation.


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