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The Foundation’s president Juan Miguel Marcos met with area councillor, Hipólito Zapico, and representatives of the ADL company.

Zapico stated “it would be interesting to donate this material to people, especially the elderly, who are attached to the Home Help programme and do so through the company in charge of offering this service, ADL, which does a magnificent job”.

For months, Fundación CLC World has been immersed in a campaign to donate masks to the most vulnerable groups of Mijas society. Juan Miguel Marcos stressed “not everyone has the same facilities to access masks due to their cost. Therefore, we are helping different groups by donating this material. We have even donated masks of children thanks to the collaboration of our employees”.

Coordinator of the ADL Home Help programme in Mijas, Soraya Maurelo, was grateful for the donation, saying: these masks will reach users with fewer economic resources, since many of them only they depend on a non-contributory pension and do not have all their needs covered”.


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