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Mijas, December 19, 2019.- Fundación CLC World collaborated again this year with the Ángeles Malagueños de la Noche (Málaga Night Angels) Christmas Campaign.

President of Fundación CLC World, Juan Miguel Marcos, accompanied the ambassadors of the group who delivered a cheque for €3,000, which will be used to pay for 1,500 tortillas (omelettes) which will be distributed by the Málaga Night Angels.

Juan Miguel Marcos said: “It is very satisfying for us to contribute to such a great initiative as this.” The President of the Fundación also highlighted the great work carried out by CLC World employees who offer their time, dedication and effort to different groups in the province of Málaga.

The President of the Málaga Night Angels, Antonio Meléndez, said of the donation received by the Fundación: “This donation is so important and means that the dining room doors are open to everyone who needs help.”

The Mijas Councillor for Volunteering, Mariló Olmedo attended the presentation and commented on the great work carried out by the Mijas organisation all year round.

On the 24th December, the Solidarity Christmas Menu will include: half a roast chicken, garnish and a tortilla de patatas, Christmas sweets and a range of basic grocery and hygiene products.


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