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Mijas, December 3, 2019.- Fundación CLC World continues its fundraising efforts to improve the lives of those who need it most by participating in the 7th Christmas campaign “No child without a toy” promoted on the humanitarian platform, Cadena de Favores.

To ensure that the good will and energy of Christmas reach every home, the CLC World Foundation has today delivered more than 300 toys, donated by the company’s employees.

The President of the Mijas organisation, Juan Miguel Marcos, has highlighted the fantastic work done by Cadena de Favores throughout the province: “Knowing that these toys can have a second life with the most needy children, CLC World workers have turned to this worthwhile initiative.

The Councillor of Social Services for Mijas, Hipólito Zapico, has recognised the great work carried out by the company and said: “CLC World always supports social fundraisers and activities in Mijas, and specifically today we wanted help with the Christmas campaign to collect toys.”

President and founder of Cadena de Favores, Carlos Holecek, highly values the participation of CLC World in this 7th edition of the Christmas campaign and said: “The donation of these toys will support the work of our colleagues throughout the region. Our goal is to reach 500 families with young children on Christmas Eve who live below the poverty line in Mijas and Fuengirola. We also aim to reach out to 3,000 families in Malaga on King’s Day.”

This new initiative of Fundación CLC World establishes our social commitment to support those in the local community who are most in need.


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