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Mijas, October 10, 2019.- In order to improve the quality of life for Antonio, a 15-month old child from Mijas who suffers from Ullrich myopathy – a degenerative disorder that affects the muscles in any of the three genes involved in the synthesis of collagen – Fundación CLC World has donated €1,800 to cover the costs of the rehabilitation therapies he will need for the next three months.

The disease occurs at birth and is characterised by the lack of muscle tone, hyperlaxity of the fingers, hands and feet along with other physical difficulties.

The mayor of Mijas, Josele González, thanked the Foundation for their contribution: “Since they first found out about this case, they did not hesitate for a minute to make a financial contribution which is so important for the family.”

Raquel Berlanga, Antonio’s mother, said that the help would encourage Antonio to live with the disease in a calmer way: “We want to thank institutions such as the City Council and Fundación CLC World, plus the general public who are also helping.”

Fundación CLC World continues to support those groups and individuals most in need on the Costa del Sol.


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