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Mijas 17 July 2019.- Donated in 2015, the medical equipment for neonatal cases of hypothermia and brain function monitoring allows the Neonatal and Pediatric Unit of the Costa del Sol Hospital to carry out active hypothermia procedures thereby minimising perinatal brain damage derived from labour difficulties.

On 17th July 2019, at an event attended by representatives of the hospital, Fundación CLC World and the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, the hospital announced the figures for the equipment.

Since its donation, 50 children have benefited, with 22 active hypothermia cases and 28 further brain function monitorings having been undertaken.

As Fundación CLC World ambassador, Juan Luis Cortes, said: “as an ambassador and doctor it is with pride that we can say more than 50 people are without sequelae, healthy and alive, and that those people are children. Nothing gives us greater pride than having contributed a little to society.”

Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (brain damage due to lack of cerebral oxygenation) is a cause of neurological damage in the new born at term or near term. Its incidence in developed countries is between 1-3 cases per 1,000 live new-borns. At Costa del Sol Hospital, Malaga province’s second busiest hospital in volume of births, there can be 4 to 6 hypothermic cases every year.

Juan Antonio Ruiz, head of the Neonatology Unit, said: “Having this equipment in an area like ours, with a large volume of new-borns, has been an important advance to minimise the damage and sequelae derived from perinatal asphyxia.”


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