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Mijas, 24th October 2018 Fundación CLC World  has launched a blood donation campaign aimed at CLC World employees on the Costa del Sol.

The Regional Blood Transfusion Centre (CRTS), set up a mobile unit on California Beach on 24th October. Sixty CLC World staff attended along with the Mijas mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado, the deputy-mayor and other municipal representatives.

“We asked the CRTS to come to our facilities, as we have an average of 1,000 staff plus clients, so we told them it would not be difficult to get volunteers. We have exceeded even our expectations”, said Juan Miguel Marcos, President of CLC world Fundación.

During the day, a total of 48 people donated blood, a valuable contribution to the Málaga blood bank which was low on reserves at the time. In fact, there were so many volunteers we now have a waiting list, which will be prioritised whenever the mobile unit returns.

María Dolores González, a CRTS doctor, praised the company’s approach, saying: “Collecting donors this way is a very good option for us. The Fundación prepares the donors, telling them what is required, and also lines up future donors. After the donation, the blood goes to our laboratory for fractionation – separating it into its component parts. So, one person’s donation actually serves three as it is divided into platelets, red blood cells and plasma.”


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