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Mijas, 7th August 2018 – Fundación CLC World has donated a full kitchen facility to the Alzheimer’s Association in Mijas (AFAM), to provide a dining room service for all its users.

This was a need that this collective had requested a long time ago, and the Fundación responded by offering a better quality of life to all those people that spend most of their day to day in this centre.

The Director of AFAM, Mari Carmen López, expressed her gratitude to CLC Fundación for their constant support. “With this new service, the centre can be open for longer, as it was previously only open until 14:00 hours. This way, not only will it benefit users, but it will also benefit families that can have a longer break.”

In this respect, CLC World Fundación President, Juan Miguel Marcos, said the kitchen was expected to have been installed and prepared by the beginning of September, the date when it could start working. He added: “This initiative is part of various contributions made to the Mijas Collective, for example, the finance of a specially adapted vehicle for people with mobility problems so they can get to the different workshops and activities, along with a cheque for €1000, designed to help offset the association’s daily needs.”


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